Darkdoors Part 4

“I wasn’t really expecting you to complete helping Saighton after what you told me happened in the cave. As far as I know you, you would have come back and wouldn’t have agreed to any of such “helping” cases. What was so different?” My mom air quotes the helping part, as always. It’s been a week since I got back from my expedition. Well, running down someone else’s dreams doesn’t  really count as an expedition  but whatever. My mom has been pestering me ever since. She thought the blood would’ve scared the living  daylights out of me, and the fact that it didn’t, wasn’t going down her digestive system.

“For the 100th time mom, I’m not such a runner that you think me to be. And secondly it was the blond kid that kept me hooked. Please close the interogation and let me have my breakfast.” 

“Okay no more of this. You helped him, the case’s closed. Now get ready fast and leave for college faster. I’ve got some work at the office, i’ll see you in the evening.”  She kissed me goodbye and left.

The fact that my mother couldn’t  believe that I lasted through the whole dream wasn’t  particularly wrong. And that too when so much of blood was involved, it made it even more unbelievable. Not just to her, but to me too.

After I had found the kid sitting in blood puddle and being shouted at, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I got up from there, he kept stopping me, told me not to go to his mother, told me how bad it would be for both me and him, worse for him actually. But I knew, if I didn’t  help him now, his miserable adult form that is up in my bedroom, will always be such a miserable mess and he will be disappointed yet another time. Worse part, he will always be this scared, always running away because his dreams take the best of him and scare him bad enough to make him a secluded, dumb person that he was. I had to help him, no matter how much more blood comes my way. 

I reached the lady, she’s a big drum I should say. I think she drinks all the blood that the hens shed when she butchers them. Nasty woman.

“Excuse me, can I have a moment with you” She stinks too. Very badly.

“I don’t got any time for y’all, I got a shop to run. Yo can go an excuse me someone else lady” The heavy country accent with improperly arranged words, this woman ticks all the right boxes on my list of things I dislike about people. Wish I could swing a few punches in her face. But that wasn’t the time for that.

“I can see how busy you are ma’am. I don’t  wish to take much of your time. I don’t want anything from you. It’s  something that concerns your child’s mental status. I know you run a very successful business of butchery but I would suggest that you keep the butchery limited to hens and not extend it to your child’s mind. Can’t you see how scared he is? He can’t stand the sight of blood, and all you can see is how many chickens you butchered?”

I continued giving her left right and centre until she understood what she had put her child through.

I could recall, when I was in high school, there’s this test in biology class that we all had to give our blood samples for blood group testing and study of tissues on the skin of our fingers or something like that. I couldn’t bear the the sight of blood when the first child went down to give his sample. That is how much the sight of blood nauseated me. And I, Meigle Seychelles withstood a bloody beach, a blood rain and a blood puddle. This was the greatest superhero transformation of all times according to me.

But since the last week, I couldn’t get it out of my mind, why was this one person, this one dream, so important for me? Maybe the blond child kept me there. But I was never a children loving person. Maybe the adventure factor. Yes, that could be it.

That’s enough thinking for the day Meigle, you’ve got college. I reminded myself. It was already 9 and I had my first class in half an hour. I got ready as fast as I could, showered in 5 minutes dot (Damn my superheroic traits), wore the first sweater I came across and the same pair of jeans that I had been wearing for the past week. Yeah, hygiene and I haven’t been the best of friends. I reached college in 10 minutes (record established) and I still had the time to grab a coffee from the cafeteria. I have to say, this one dream expedition, has done wonders for me.

I spot my BFF Rachel sitting in a corner.

“Hey babe, wassup” she doesn’t answer. “Rach, honey what’s wrong”

She doesn’t answer, instead she starts sobbing. Badly. And she isn’t the one who sobs or cries. Ever. She turns towards me, her eyes are swollen. Real bad.