Darkdoors Part 5

You all would have most probably forgotten about this blog’s existence, I most obviously had. Apologies readers. Here goes the next part. (I know you will have to go through the story all over again. In advance, sorry for the data you’ll waste ūüėõ

Giving us the unexpected at the unexpected time, that‚Äôs without doubt, life’s motto. Motto, by which it abides by without any defaults. I wish it forgot that motto once in a while. And if by any chance it did and listened to my wishes, I would wish it wasn’t my turn to face the unexpected at the unexpected time, or the ones that are dear to me, I know, that is quite a lot of wishes for the day. Also, I wish to see the blond 5 year old. I miss him all the time.

Anyways, seeing your best friend cry is nobody’s favorite sight and when you have NEVER seen your best friend cry, that’s all the more surprising and well, the highest level of concerning.

Honey, what’s wrong?”


I had to ask her the exact same line 7 times and every time she couldn’t go ahead of “Mom…da..dad…”.¬†And every time, she sobbed even harder and the hiccups grew louder. I had gone over all the things that could possibly go wrong with Rachel.

  • Her parents were amazing, so no problem there.
  • Financial problems (although she wouldn’t sob so hard at this)?NOPE, she was blindingly rich. I had once asked her if she ever threw money out in the trash.
  • Sibling problem? I wish not, her older brother was a role model to me. I won’t be able to punch him.
  • Boyfriend problem? Well for that, she has to have one.
  • Currently she had a crush on that tall senior whose name I couldn’t recall.

I couldn’t think of anything else. I had to start with the eighth time, when she said something I hadn’t heard this morning and I wish I hadn’t heard at all.

Divorce, my parents are filing for¬†divorce”¬† I wish I hadn’t asked her at all. Her parents were the parents people talk about in life goals. All those parents we see in the movies and head out of the movie theaters disappointed because they were too amazing to be real, SHE HAD THOSE PARENTS. I always taunted my mom how Rachel’s mom gave her breakfast besides bacon. They were two amazing souls. Thinking about them separating was unbearable. They loved me like a second daughter. I loved them like my own parents.

Today isn’t April 1st Rach, I am not falling for the prank”¬†I knew it was true and calling it a prank wasn’t going to change reality, but somewhere deep down, I wished that it really was a prank and Rach would take her words back. But she won’t, she couldn’t. Her parents won’t be together anymore.

I couldn’t come up with anything. I wanted to console her and tell her that she’ll be fine and I’ll be there for her always but that wasn’t going to help.

We sat there, for I don’t know¬†how long. It seemed like a lifetime. She sat there, sobbing and hiccuping, refusing to say anything else. And I wouldn’t ask. But I wanted her to talk¬†to me. Suddenly she got up and started walking towards our classroom. And I didn’t stop her, I should have, but I didn’t.


I waited the whole day for her to look back at me again and give me a paper note or a sign, but my day passed waiting.

As soon as I entered home, my mom came running in the hallway and shut my mouth with her hand, stopping my “I’m home” midway.


Shut up and leave right away”


Just leave”¬†With that, she pushed me back outside the door and came outside too to offer some sort of explanation.

Rachel’s inside, her parents are getting divorced, and…”

“I know already..”¬†Another mouth shutting slap.

Would you please whisper? And wait for me to finish.

Her parents are getting divorced, she is devastated of course. She got the news a couple of weeks ago, she couldn’t tell you because she wasn’t able deal with it herself. “

“But she was..”¬†

“No she wasn’t visiting her grandparents, she had locked herself inside her room and was crying all this while.”

I couldn’t believe it. She had been sending me pictures from her grandparents place everyday. She sounded so happy over the phone, all the stupid conversations, how was she managing all that when she was so broken on the inside?

She has been having terrible nightmares and she screams all night long..”¬†I could see the horror on my mother’s face. “She’s heard about us from someone. Of course, she¬†doesn’t¬†know that we are the¬†people who perform all the activities but she is looking for them. “

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t tell Rachel about all of this. But all the things she was going through I could help her, I could easily help her and put her misery to rest.

I had to decide, which was more important, my secret or my best friend.