First Year At College

College. The word itself puts every student graduating school this year in far off wonderment. You can’t possibly contain your happiness thinking about college. No more standardized uniforms to put on (which makes everyone look pathetic anyway), no more 8 am-2 pm inescapable classes and the most important one, freedom. Freedom in college could mean different things to different people. For me it meant unlimited hours of outings with friends, discovering unlimited places, most importantly BUNKING. Any time you liked.Oh, what dreams I had of college at this very time a year back.

Yeah, they were really dreams actually, never fulfilled.

3rd August 2015. The first day I stepped into my college with much excitement. It was the Orientation day. I wasn’t afraid of being alone in the unknown crowd, I had friends from school accompanying me. What could be a better start to college! (Same course, same class if I may mention). I entered the college with all those hopes to see a big as life campus, the lush green fields I had always imagined myself sitting in when I was bunking classes. I saw nothing. There were no lush green fields. There was nothing I could call a “college campus”. It was just a building. Thinking I was only seeing a part of the college I went ahead. “The students don’t enter the college from the front gate.” Yeah. Entry from the back gate which was actually the canteen. All the expectations, or as I say “college goals” were turned into…. well, nothing.

By the time I made it to the orientation hall, I had been surprised a quite a lot of times by now. Small classrooms, not “hidden spots” to hangout. The Orientation Hall was full with students, giggling and judging everyone who entered the door on the basis of what they wore. (Guilty as charged, I did too). We were asked to wear formals, which only few people had decided to abide by. I was one of them.

The ceremony began, a presentation on our prestigious college was up first. Nobody did pay attention really and that’s how the whole ceremony passed in a blur. Little did I know that’s how the first year at college would pass too.

College started in the most amazingly imaginable way possible. Because, well, we bunked the first day, half a day really. But we did. And when you know your college is walking distance from Nehru Place‘s rajma chawal, you can’t sit in class then. Also your ready to bunk and explore places soul doesn’t let you say no. It’s said “How you spend the first day of a new year (which it was technically) decides how you spend the year ahead. Well that’s how the year went, bunking, eating, getting permission from parents to go out and in case not granted, heading out anyway :P. Another aspect of being a first year student or for that matter being a college student is, you’re always BROKE. No matter how generous your parents are about your monthly allowances, you’ll never know where the money went. The situation worsens when you have friends who’ve got cars, and your wanderlust soul cannot rest their asses on the college benches. And also, no damns given to the already low attendance. And if my any chance you are a person who can be easily persuaded, well, your parents will be soon on first name basis with your lectures.

In all the ranting I forgot about the most important piece of the puzzle that college is. Friends. The ones who will take you places which you wouldn’t have even heard of. The ones who’ll make you bunk classes for the movie you don’t want to watch. The ones who would make you laugh between lectures. The one who wouldn’t let you attend your classes, long story short, the ones who actually make college worth attending. (Even if you have a small campus :P). Mine are actual pieces of shit. But then how else would I’ve known that you can tour Yamuna Expressway and be back before 2 so your parents wouldn’t know. How else would I’ve known what a great show FRIENDS was.How else would would I’ve know that there’s no Karim’s in Chandni Chowk, it’s actually Jama Masjid. Kudos, to you bastards. And also I wouldn’t have known that college can somehow match up to the memories school gave you. There’ll be a lot of unpleasant shit you don’t want to come across.There’ll be fights, bitching, group-ism and all those things which school protected you from but it’ll be all worth it.

To all the bunkers sitting with me everyday and watching me laugh in the most ridiculous manner.