The Beauty Of You

You are enchanting and beautiful. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can bring you down. You are the dragoness, feisty and fiery, And you are the princess, calm and poised. You define yourself, just don’t confine yourself. You choose to be happy or sad, You can be as happy as the chirping birds by your window sill, […]

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The Hiding Misfit


Hiding behind, I muffle my tears.
Don’t want anyone to hear.
This is what I have been doing for my entire life.
Hiding. Escaping.
And I am not a criminal nor someone who’s been exiled.
I, am a misfit.
I feel alone but I don’t go out.
I want to speak but the words don’t come out.
I want to sing but don’t know where to be begin.
And I, let that sink in.

I take a walk down the road, spotting a bunch of people every day.
And as I come closer, they move away.
I want to go over and tell them about the pictures I draw.
How, when I see fire and rain, I am struck with awe.
I hear them laugh and cheer
As if they can sense my fear.
And I, let that sink in.
For I, am a misfit.

Answering in class makes me a geek,
Sneakers with a wrap around, makes me a freak.
Having tried it all, I am tired.
Maybe my teeth shouldn’t be wired.
Will there ever be a time.
Where I mean more than a dime?
Possibly in some life.

The moon is high up in the sky.
In all its glory, Oh my.
But he hides, just like me.
Do you understand what it’s like to be me.
You shine with all your beauty and flaws.
But then, hiding behind branches till the dawn.
Maybe, we are glorious as we are, in our own imperfections.
Still holding strong to all the world’s inspections.
Maybe we are misfits, and it has sunk in.


A little heads up for a lousy, grim day.

You're Wonderful Project;

I know this day isn’t getting better and you haven’t had a good one since long. I know how it feels to put all your efforts into something and not be appreciated for it. It’s tiring. Exhausting. Tiring. And it’s not easy coping with it. I know that too. Every day you just ache more and break a little more on the inside.

But, it will be. If you give yourself a little boost that you have been expecting from others.

Don’t break down and succumb to the pressure that seems to push you into the ground, fight back, stand up, dust your muddy pants and go on. No matter how slowly you move, quietly, slowly, timidly, but don’t stop. Don’t let the rudeness and cold heartedness of this world stop you from being the kind, loving person you are. You’ll be tired yes, again. But differently. You’ll be tired…

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