Change Of Colors


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Changing colours.

Fine when its your walls.

Fine when it’s the sky,

Bidding the sun goodbye.

But somehow

You grew a rather strong liking to colours.

Or rather change of them.

You had a red shade.

You donned it in bed when you dominated my desires.


For all the times, darker my bruises grew.

You had a green shade.

You donned it often,  seeing me one up you on your defeats.

Your grey shade.

Monotonous, distant, cruel, sulking.

I’d have rather preferred a street cat on those days.

The pink put me off.

Because friendship, was never something you could ever pull off.

Orange was a dangerous drape.

Sun’s inferiority complex, your burning flames.

Clock struck dark, you wore black.

Dear Antichrist, you can have him back.

I am done with your rainbow.

No, it’s not pleasant.

I could actually feed you the goats of peasants.

I’d stick to my yellow.

Squish the lemons in your eyes.

Satan, would you take this sacrifice?


A Leaf Leaves

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Fell from a tree

In all my grace

Still green, if that’s to provide solace.

Dashed and swished with the wind

I landed here.

The fellows look bewildered

Grin, smirk, shock and fright

All kinds I invite.

Comes forward one,

Hanging the nearest

Keeps his distance

Pulls up the courage to ask

“how did you though”

Confused, I look above through my lashes

My fall in front of my eyes, flashes.

“you are young and in all your prime

And there you lie with the faces sublime”

The doubt for the ones hanging above,

Put forward by an outspoken one.

“they all come from where we were

Should these not be considered?”

“you take me wrong” he tries another phrase

“what I intended was, they had come of age”

“friends they are, young one,

Better knowns, who faced the sun.

Battled the dust that once settled upon them,

Look now, they conquer,

The soil that’s underneath them”

Baffled he was, evident,

I continue my oration.

“the fall who bears,

Is the one with might and pride,

For, it’s not a deed

That all can realize.

To lie between our roots

On the roots,

Is a joy with greater fruits.”

Fluttering, I begin my travel.

For all that was left behind,

Just was babble.

Rock Bottom

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It’s easy to be lost

Lost deep in something,


And not know that you were.

Toxic as it is, it’s beautiful

Your guard falls lose.

The fog clears out.

The sun shows up.

Blazing and pure.

Bright with dazzling light.

But words are still cold.

Frosty grass. Dewy leaves.

You come stand between happiness.

A glass wall your personification.

In front of me, you stand

With coloured flowers.

Made of paper.

They crunch down as I walk.

You open your arms,

The deck of cards falls down.

Slowly you are just a pile of cards.

Each card with a promise,

Coloured black,

Written at back,

The real catch.

One was from the night I was too broken.

“what do you want from me?” I had said between my heaves and dried swollen eyes.

The back of the card reads “to waste your time for a few months and never talk to you again”

I kick the cards through the frost.

I knock the glass down.

The land in front is barren and lifeless.

It’s certain.

It’s rock bottom.




Crushing Me Dead


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Who let you do this?

Was it you?

I don’t think so.


You were the epitome of perfection and purity.

My ray of hope.

My pride.


Your hands held my hands like a fallen feather.

Detached from it’s being, dwindling endlessly

And lighting in your palms.

The palms that pulled my chin forward

Every time you leaned in and planted a subtle kiss on my temple

My nose.

My lips.

It was all you.



Why are these palms crushing me dead?

Why are these palms rasping and callous?

These hands are prickly.

Pushing me onto the floor.

These hands, stinking of liquor.

Bruising my arm in shades of wine.


Crushed and sore, I lie in a corner.

Sobbing silently, for an eternity.

I see your hand again,

I scrunch away, farther with every step your feet take.


The hands that once drew me from the dark.

Are now the ones that yanked me back harder.