Your Pain


Untitled picture.jpg

Do we have to compare our pain?

To the crushing rocks

To the bitter draughts

To the silent skies

And frozen nights,

If you can’t put it in words,

Your diary lies shattered,

Pages torn mercilessly

Taking up the pain of your wordless anguish.

Do you think?

He will understand.


She will?

No, honey.

They won’t.

They won’t get how you scream, only internally.

They won’t get the ripped canvas your soul has become.

They will try to bring back the colours,

But they don’t know which ones you lost.

The red of love, the yellow of friendship, the whites of peace.

It’s you, darling.

It was, is and always will be you.

Only you can understand you,

Only you, can heal you.



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